Specialist Physiotherapy Patient Reviews & Case Assessments

Our specialist physio team provides GPs and other medial referrers with an alternative opinion and/or review of a patient diagnosis, prognosis, case management and care needs.

A specialist physiotherapist has successfully completed a fellowship with the Australian College of Physiotherapists (allowing the FACP), comparable to the medical specialisation model. It is the highest clinical qualification for physiotherapists in Australia and indeed in the world.

The Sydney Specialist Physiotherapy Centre has particular expertise in patients with complex musculoskeletal pain presentations including low back pain,  whiplash, neck pain, dizziness and headache. As specialist physiotherapists, we have the capacity to differential diagnose complex patients and draw from a wider range of assessment domains and management options.

Our specialist physiotherapists can assist with assessment of complex cases where:

  • Cases are not progressing or patients have not responded as expected to standard conservative treatment
  • The referrer is uncertain of the patients diagnosis or prognosis
  • A second opinion is needed or an alternative direction for case management
  • An comprehensive review/ analysis of all  management options is required
  • Clinical services such as triage or pre-surgical assessments are required

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Referring Patients
Sydney Specialist Physiotherapy Centre accepts referrals from:

  • General Practitioners
  • Medical Specialists
  • Allied Health Professionals

For example Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Occupational Therapists & Chiropractors 

Referrers will receive a written report and/or findings and recommendations will be discussed with  you directly which will provide:

  • An accurate diagnosis, explaining the clinical reasoning for differential diagnoses
  • An accurate prediction of recovery time
  • Presents all potential case management options
  • Offer case management alternatives where the current treatment program is not progressing and meeting the patient’s needs.